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          Power Zone Solutions takes industrial equipment concepts and creates the products forreal-life applications.

          Pumps and Fluid Applications

          Industrial Pumps

          Fluid Monitoring Systems

          Engines, Motors, and Power Needs

          Used, New, and Rebuilt Equipment In-Stock

          Consulting and Equipment Selection

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          One-Off Engineered Solutions

          Application Specific Equipment Systems

          15 years of industrial equipment experience, Power Zone will find the right solution for any application.

          Power Zone's Services

          We build our business to serve you. Our services can be catered for any project's individual need.
          Power Zone promises to provide our best in every service we provide.

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          Pipeline Pumping Systems for Midstream Crude Oil Pipeline

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          Emergency Dewatering Pump in West Africa

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          UEA Project

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          When There's Need for Speed

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          Well Blow Down Unit

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          The Mobile Booster

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          Stancor Sump Pump System

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          Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit

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          Customer Testimonials

          "Thank you guys for helping us get this pump back in service so quick! We appreciate your hard work and your tech's hard work today they did and awesome job. It's back in service and running great."

          WPX Energy
          Pump Repair
          "Power Zone is by far the best place to purchase parts for pumps that Ive ever found. I deal with Drew and he is so responsive and professional. Its always a pleasure doing business here!!!"

          Citation Oil & Gas
          Denby (DJ) Baker
          "I am thoroughly impressed with Power Zone's customer service and workmanship. So far we have had two pumps rebuilt by Power Zone and they are performing better than ever!"

          City of Florence
          Brandon Harris
          "I appreciate your salesmanship working with a customer. You were prompt and got back to me on every communication. This is the kind of service that will make me want to do more business with you."

          San Luis Valley Regional Solid Waste Authority
          Jim Clare
          I wanted to take a minute to thank the PZE team for a great performance. This project, a one-of-a-kind project, has been a wonderful experience, and it was mostly because of your work ethics and dedication. Along with an incredibly talented team, PZE has provided us with an incomparable service and for that, Energy Recovery in general and myself in particular are eternally grateful. I have yet to work with such a great team and look forward to future business.

          Please communicate to all your team my sentiments regarding its contribution. I did not say good bye to each one of you personally, because I will be back!!

          Energy Recovery Inc.
          Nocair Bensalah

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          Our experience can be applied to any industrial equipment application. Power Zone's custom engineered and fabricated projects are being used in over 20 different industries across the globe.

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          Selling and Servicing Small vs Large Oil Field and Pipeline Companies The oil and gas industry is a mix of large companies who generate more income annually than some countries GDP and small operators that own companies with only a handful of employees. What they hold in common is a need to be as efficient as possible within their budgets. However the approach and needs for a 5,000 employee publicly traded company compared to a 5 person family owned business are distinctly different. In this interview clip from The Crownsmen Podcast our President Don Toews lays out three ways a large oil field operator differs from a small one when purchasing equipment plus one bonus tip that applies to both. Read More
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